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A story, by popular demand...

So, here's a little flashback to the antics of Sunday night, or in modern-day legend, night of the brownies.

After we didn't go to the concert we'd planned on attending Sunday evening, we decided to go home and watch movies, and then, indulge in some of Claudia's bakery goodness.

At somewhere around 12:30, between the lovin', the music, and massive amounts of giggles, I realized I should probably call my parents and tell them that, well, we were still in CT, and that I wouldn't be home terribly late. Brandon asked me if I'd be alright to call, and I said I'd be fine. The conversation went something like this:

Dad: Hello?
Me: Hey dad, turns out we couldn't really make it to the concert on time, so we just turned around and came home. We're watching a movie, but I shouldn't be home too late.
Dad: Alright, how about you be home within an hour.
Me: Yeah, I should be home by then. I have work tomorrow.
Dad: Okay, well--
Me: See you then!
Dad: Uh, right. Good bye.

After hanging up the phone, Brandon and I burst into laughter. "See you then?" I said, "what the hell was I thinking?!"

"Playing it cool," Brandon teased. Naturally, more laughter at my choice of phrase continued. And still continues.

Today, after another fit of laughter, it was demanded that I share the story with the world. And now I have. And I realized it's not half as funny to you as it is to us, heh.

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