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Ladies' night...

Yeah, I'd say we had some good ol' fashioned fun.

Quotes of the craziness can be found on Tara's journal. We hadn't even watched "Phantoms" at that point. It was pretty fucking nuts. Though they made me feel so uncultured...Tara had read the book that movie was based on, and Melissa had read "The Virgin Suicides". I, uh, well...just watched the movies ::sheepish look:: But won't they feel silly when they make that Illuminatus Trilogy movie, ne? I read it already, ha! Then I can tell you how different it is from the book when we go see it! Ha!! Or, uhhh, well...whatever.

No work til five means Mary Ellen can be as crazy as she likes and still get the Zzz's. Yowie Zowie!

Yeah. That's probably enough for now.

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