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Cepcion got me to thinking...

Conventional morality confounds me.

There are certain, I don't know, conventions that I subscribe to. I don't like lying to people. I don't like hurting people's feelings. I work in order to recieve the benefits of that work. If I do something that hurts myself or others, yes, I do feel badly. I wouldn't call these morals, however. It's common respect. Respect for myself, respect for others, respect for nature. I just want to be on equal footing with the rest of the world, and I want everyone to feel alright about that.

Morals imply wrong vs. right, good vs. evil. There is guilt and a repression of what would be nothing but natural to a society not caught up in ideals it made up centuries ago. Whether they make sense or not, they are what you are "supposed" to do. The path that makes one person holy and the other a sinner, and is forced upon the "immoral" by the "moral". People who can never find their way to happiness because they will always be told the are not what they are supposed to be. To me, that isn't some law to be respected. It simply makes me sad.

I guess I just wish there were less "morals" in the world and more respect for the life in it.

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