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"Attention mall shoppers...FLEE!! FLEE FOR YOUR LIVES!!"

Well, maybe that wasn't the actual announcment I made, but I was tempted, let me tell you. As Melissa said today, the great thing about working at the mall is that you always have a story to tell. Today was possibly the craziest one yet.

So, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the epic tale of "Fiasco at the Crystal Mall (or, The Day We Evacuated the Food Court.)"

Our mall is currently getting an Abercrombie and Fitch, and the construction has been causing a bit of noise now and then, but nothing too serious, so work has been done during mall hours. Today, somehow, the people at work hit a water main, drenching the construction site, and dripping down the to stores below. This was just the beginning of the woes.

When this happened, it triggered the alarm, which in turn triggered the sprinkler system. In one of the stores below the construction, The Disney Store, not only did the water come down through the ceiling, one of their sprinkler heads blew, drenching them in even more water. Most of their merchandise was ruined. When the fire department got there, they closed it off with yellow tape and everything. They won't be open for days. Anyway, we've now got two flooded stores and another closed due to bad leaks and crumbling ceiling tiles. But our adventure doesn't end there. Oh no.

Now, when the sprinklers go off, they go off everywhere in the mall. The sprinklers haven't been used in some time, and so the water in them smells kind of funky. Down in the Food Court, workers were getting sick from it, and told the firemen there that it smelled like there was a gas leak, unaware it was just the water. The fire department's response? Evacuate the Food Court. They told security, and security told me. Make the announcement. They didn't tell me what to say, just to do it. So, I said:

"Attention mall shoppers. Due to circumstances beyond our control, we are temporarily evacuating the Food Court. This applies only to the Food Court, and the rest of the Crystal Mall is still open for business. Thank you."

It's like being the one person on the Death Star telling the crew to abandon ship. "The Death Star will explode in 5...4...3..."

Over the next hour, I continued to thank customers for their patience, opened the Food Court to employees, then to customers. Phones are ringing constantly with calls from the fire department, the mall manager, the operations name 'em, they called. Plus I had to deal with the irate employees who didn't know what was going on demanding to know where their air conditioning went (it shuts off when the alarm sounds). Some woman locked her keys in the bathroom of her store. I told her she'd have to wait for a few hours before security could even get to her.

In the end, my shift at the mall finished, and I left. Tomorrow I get to see if there's a sequel to this little tale. Until then, that's my mall story for the day. Thank you, and good night.

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