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"All the world's a stage..."

And apparently, so is the WHS cafeteria. We've really started up rehersals for our show, Cinderella Meets the Wolfman , being performed on April 5, 6, and 7 (note: this is NOT a shameless plug, hehe).

Part of me is really happy about it. I like performing, almost no matter what, and nothing beats having a script to memorize, a character to learn. The other part of me feels this is all rather blase. I've played this same type of character SO many times before. This show isn't a challenge for me. In my first reading, I basically had down the entire concept of my character, voice, blocking, expression, the works. Being one who is not a victim of stage fright and never has been, come opening night, there will be nothing thrilling. It'll just be another show, in a part no one will remember much about. Oh well. That's the theater for you.

We've got a lot of new talent though, and the play is pretty funny. If you have time, or just happen to be a really good friend of mine, come by on one of those nights. If you come on the seventh, and ESPECIALLY if you bring me flowers, I'll let you come to the cast party, hehe.

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