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One fear set aside...

So tonight I went to my first driver's ed class. In a room full of people, I'm thinking I'm the only one over the age of 16, let alone as old as 19. No one can tell, I'm sure...I look 16 to anyone who doesn't know me, but it's still a bit embarrassing.

So, I head up to the instructor guy to hand over my check, and who should I see sitting at the table but Nishio-sensei. At first, I'm not sure that I believe it. So, I lean over and say, "Nishio-sensei desu ka?" Sure enough, I hear, "Kennedy-san?" right back at me. While I'm waiting for the guy to write up my reciept, we talked a little bit. Apparently, she's never had to drive before, and never had a car in Japan. She asked for my phone number, to call me in case she had trouble understanding anything in class (her English needs as much work as my Japanese), and I gladly gave it to her. I'm sure we must have been quite a sight, conversing in Japanese and all.

I returned to my seat, a little bit amazed, and assured that I was indeed NOT the oldest person in the class.

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