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Okay, this is the last time for a bit, I promise...

Kitsune17: As for David Bowie.
I don't know how so much sexy can fit into one man. Seriously. If sex were personified, it's name would be David Bowie. With the lighting, his hair, the suit... he looked like a GOD.\

CraziCreek: I seriously think it was a living orgasmic experience. David Bowie is the most amazing sex and music rolled into one fantastic package. ::sigh:: I just want to do it all over again!

Kitsune17: That's a great way to describe it! He came onstage and my face hurt from smiling so much. It was contagious, apparently, because the bitter woman next to me even started smiling. :)
How can one man be so sexy?

CraziCreek: I don't know...but it was the kind of experience religions used to be made out of, I bet. Just...WOW.
Hehe, sidenote on the Sexiness of Bowie...didn't you love how they gave condoms out as you we were leaving, as if to say, "I'm David Bowie, and I know how sexy I am. It will make you want to have sex, too. I do want you to have it safely though. Please, take these with my compliments."
I fucking adore David Bowie.

In an attempt to stop thinking about David Bowie, however, I'll tell you all that I saw Signs tonight, despite the fact everyone seems to have already seen it or have been busy tonight. I'll probably be going again, just to rethink it as it happens, but it was definately something freaky the first time around. It's nice to see a movie that has both great suspense and a lot of thought underlying its real message. It's not just there to fuck with your sense of fear...and yet, that's exactly what it wants to do with you. I enjoyed it, but you'll have to read you-know-who's review when he writes one up; it's sure to be much more coherent than mine.

I should go to bed, but I'm not even tired yet...I guess that's what happens when you sleep for most of the day. Oh well. I'll just have to dream about David Bowie...ah, damn it, I did it again. Sorry, I'll try to contain it, really. No, I mean it. Good Bowie--I mean NIGHT!! Shit! All right now, for real this time. Good night to you all.

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