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More things you should have been there for...

Besides my earlier post, there are many things that made yesterday just a fantastic day:

Seeing a bunch of awesome people at the concert including, but not limited to, Charlotte, Claudia, Tara, and of course I was there with my cutie cute cute cute Brandon. Sadly, I never got a chance to meet up with Malinda, but I'm glad she was there to enjoy it as much as me. Not to mention David Bowie was there too.

Moby's was also a great performance, and I was definately glad that I got to see him play as well. I was surprised, however, that he and Bowie didn't perform anything together, being that they're friends.

Nice weather, aside from the heat. It was nice that it didn't rain on our big day of Bowie.

Snacks provided by Claudia and her slick bakery skills. Bowie just wouldn't have been the same without those brownies.

Because the concert didn't sell out completely, we managed to get actual seats instead of lawn seats. The closer to Bowie the better.

David Bowie. There just aren't words to tell you how fantastic he was. We're talking David "so much like good sex it hurts" Bowie. I think I might have had a sensory overload. David Bowie. Oh yeah.

It was a very good day ^_^

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