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Okay, perhaps someone out there can save me. If not, I'll have to find drastic measures indeed.

Saturday, I'm supposed to see David Bowie in concert in Massachusetts at 3:30. So, despite asking for the day off from work, I didn't get it. Ping got it off first, something about her husband going to sea or such. I was supposed to work 10-6...I got it worked out from 9-1, but this still may not be good enough. No one else that I know of is going to be able to give me a ride to David Bowie that late in the day...for one reason or another, everyone else has to be up there earlier.

Tomorrow, I'm going to beg and plead and scream and cry to my boss to see if I can't manage to get Amy to work Saturday...we just hired her today. I dunno if it's going to work. If that doesn't work, I'll see if I can't beg Ping to take 9-1...she just might be willing to do it, and she does owe me for covering for her one day.

However, I am begging and imploring you, my friends on LJ...if any of you know of a way I could possibly get up to David Bowie in time...PLEASE HELP ME!!! I've already made an ass of myself once tonight, I'd at least like to find a way out of this mess. Any information of any kind would be helpful.

Thanks so much...

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