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15 January 2001 @ 01:32 am
Get your lounge on...  
My mom has been on the computer all day, so until now, I couldn't write about the lounging like Katie had instructed. I had to get a huge amount of solo lounge on before I got this far.

I have never in my life lounged so hard-core. My entire body hurts still hurts TODAY from it. Robbie, Rachael and Air...you guys have NOTHING on this lounge. It took energy to stay that way, I tell you. It got to the point where we were even EMITTING heat...and we all know that Katie is a heat vampire. I'm surprised we didn't break out into a sweat.

I don't think I need to see any Chinese food again for at LEAST a few months...

Katie-chan is leaving today at 10 am. I'm SO going to miss her...it was so great to have her around all this time. Having my other sister around has been really nice. She's transfering closer to home, yes, but I'll still really miss her. Aishiteru, Katie-chan.

I should get some sleep. I have things to do today, not to mention I'm STILL exhausted from that lounge on Saturday/Sunday...
Mood: tiredtired
Music: BOA - Twilight