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My mom makes a good point! Be amazed!

Usually when my mother complains about what's wrong with our nation, it turns to, "People don't believe in God and they're sinners and don't care." This is terribly irritating, because when she gets to that mentality, there is no more discussion. She shuts off.

Today though, we were discussing my school, and how she tells people that I have a job, friends, a boyfriend, and still manage to get A's and B's in all my classes. Still, she makes it clear that if I didn't get good grades, I would be out of Conn in a second. My parents can't afford to pay that much money for me to just goof off. Sometimes, the money issue gets to my father, but she argues with him that he should have made that an issue before I chose a school.

"You were seventh in your class, you worked hard to get where you are. And I tell him that. But, I have to catch my own tongue sometimes. I almost said you deserved it. That's not quite true. You deserve parents who care, and who will help you when you need it, but to say you deserve anything you want isn't the idea. That's one of the problems with Americans. They think because they live here, they 'deserve' whatever they want. Living here gives you certain freedoms other people don't have, but just being an American doesn't make you automatically entitled to anything. People think it's a right, and it's not. You deserve what you put effort in for, for what you do, and people don't realize they have to do something to get what they want."

That's why we have the government that we have. The injustices what we have. The trivial, empty pop-culture. We think everything will do what it's supposed to do without our actual involvment. You get what you deserve. We do it to ourselves.

It was also nice to see my mom might not be completely brainwashed.

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