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My list of stuff that you can take or leave!

What made today a good day, in no particular order:

1. Lots of shopping with Melissa, and much buying of the cool work clothes. All your sexy are belong to us!

2. Both home and work are thouroughly air conditioned.

3. A crazy, red, beautiful moon.

4. A fantasticly wonderful boyfriend who got out of work an hour early and hung out with me despite his aversion to other peoples' body heat in the summer.

5. First lunch at Charley's, and it was most definately delicious.

6. Stargate was on TV.

7. Mutual adoration for David Bowie.

8. Saw Kobayashi-sensei at the Japanese was awful, but it was still cool to see her there.

9. Hardly any customers at the mall to bug me.

10. Free coffee.

11. Let me mention the cute boyfriend again. And riding home with him rocking out to Modest Mouse. ^_^

12. The fact that the CDDB lists her as "Sakamoto Maaya" and not "Maaya Sakamoto", and enjoying her CD at home to end the day on a happity note.

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