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Beautiful Alone...

This is my favorite ballad, Japanese or otherwise. The English translation doesn't really do it justice, nor do just the bare words. The chorus has been my AIM profile many times...and now, listening to it, I feel like posting it. It's both happy and sad, and while the sadness seems to overcome it at times, it remains unregretful. In the end, it's just a very good song.

anata to boku to no sabishisa wo
kasaneru you ni shite kuchizukeru
futari ga itameta kizuato ga
utsukushii wakare wo tsugeru darou

Your and my loneliness
Presses heavily like a kiss
The scars of being together
Tells us of a beautiful parting.

anata to boku to no kanashimi wo
itawari-au you ni dakishimeru
futari ga nozoita omoide ga
utsukushii kodoku wo egaku darou

Your and my sadness
Hurts like a tight embrace
And the memories of us together
Paint a beautiful loneliness

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