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Special Report: Americans are fat because of America!

Why are the Japanese, typically, so much thinner than us, you may ask? People will tell you it's because they aren't lazy and eat food that barely consists of much of anything. Well, they are WRONG! Let me tell you why the Japanese are thin: They live in Japan. There's thin in the air!

While I was in Japan, I ate both Japanese food and other, unhealthy snack foods. However, I wasn't nearly as hungry there. I ate about 2.5 meals a day, and was definately full all the time. My body breathed in the thin, and I was not hungry.

Now that I am home, all I want to do is eat. The fat air has gotten to me! I just eat and eat and never find myself full. It's insane!

My conclusion is, therefore, the air makes America fat ^_~

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