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There's something about this post...this is a post about something...

Actually, this is probably a post about nothing, but it's all in good fun.

I saw The Sum of All Fears earlier this week, and TITUS a night or two ago. The first one was unexpectedly good, and despite the fucked-up Jack Ryan timeline, very well done. I recommend it. Look for Brandon's review sometime ^_~

TITUS, on the other hand, was possibly one of the most mind-blowing Shakespearian experiences ever. My jaw was still hanging open when the credits had finished. It's no surprise this play is not well recognized...I can't imagine how difficult it would have been to perform on stage. It borders on surrealism purely in the reading, and what the director did was just take that to the next level in a way that only film can do. Brilliant and horrific, I don't know why I don't own this film already.

Which brings me to the fact movies, as do many things, cost money. Today, I'm putting in my two weeks notice at Sarge's, which means if I want money, I'm going to have to find a new job. It's not the job itself that makes me want to quit, really, but I think after a year there a change of pace would be good, and if possible, more money, though that's not really as relevant as the change of location. If anyone's interested in the job, you can stop by for an application. I'm considering working as a waitress, just because they say that's a good way to get money and an experience people should have. I suppose that's what I'm after...a new experience. The trip to Japan has spurred my interest in doing new things, I think, but I also think that's a post for another time.

My parents come home from Denver today. They've been gone for the past few days, and Kath and I have been living it up, so to speak. Well, now that their coming back, I should probably do things like laundry and cleaning stuff up. Say hello to curfew again, ugh.

I can't wait, honestly, for school to start again. older friends always told me I'd say that when I started college, and it seems they were right. While I am much enjoying of the vacation time, it will be nice to have my own place to live. My room next year is absolutely fantastic, and I can't wait to move in. A single on the top floor of the international language dorm...I was one of only two Japanese students to get in. Classes may be a drag at times, but I think my schedule for next semester will be better, espeically with film replacing the acting courses. I look forward to Japanese again, not only because I really want to learn more, but also because it will be at 10:30 instead of 8:30 in the morning. And now that Amanda is definately coming back, it will be even cooler because she'll be around here to hang out with us. I just wish I could live their over the summer.

Well, I think that's all the pointless babble I can fit into one post. If you read it...well, I'm sorry, but thanks anyway. I think I'm gonna hop back into bed now, or maybe have some breakfast.

Chocolate donuts...yum ^_^

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