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24 May 2002 @ 07:48 am
And for some unknown reason...  
I wish we had corn...I want to eat corn...
Mood: Corny
Music: Still Clifford...
jaynbob4 on May 24th, 2002 04:51 am (UTC)
"if you're travelling in a time machine, and you're eating corn on the cob, i don't think it's going to affect things one way or the other. but here's the point i'm trying to make: corn on the cob is good, isn't it." -jack handy

have fun in japan!!!!!
Mellen: Ecstatic Fayeabsentmammoth on May 24th, 2002 04:56 am (UTC)
Thanks hun! That message made my morning. We'll have to hang out when I get back ^_^