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Japanese invasion!!

For some reason, LiveJournal seems to want to display itself in Japanese. No matter how many times I go back and tell it to speak English at me, I get Nihongo-ized. Getting a little frustrated, and the phone rings.

"Moshi moshi" I say, as always...only this time it's a Japanese voice that comes streaming back through the line at me. It's Kobayashi-sensei, telling me about the arrangements for taking a limo to the airport on Saturday. I was SO not ready for that. She said she'd call back tomorrow. Today is NOT tomorrow. I'm going "ano...ano...". How embarassing. She's calling again at five to talk to my mom, because she offered to drive to the limo service in New Haven, but my mom isn't in to discuss it. Oro. Well, I'll try and make sure SOMEONE ELSE gets the phone then, hehe.

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