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Catch up...

My parents came and ransacked my room on Thrusday, and I haven't gotten time with a working computer until now, really. You would think a loft goes out LAST, but far be it from my parents to know that. Still, by Saturday evening, everything was packed up and shipped out to my house. I turned in my room key. I'm finished for the summer, and now I'm back home.

Thursday was a day that was completely frustrating for many reasons with the exception of STAR WARS. I don't know if the movie critics were actually WATCHING the same film I was, if they were throwing popcorn at kids dressed as Jedi, if they went to see SPIDER-MAN again and guessed the similarities or what, because none of what ANY of them said about this film made any sense at all. I had a fantastic time, both times (one afternoon show, one evening show). The things I'd worried about coming in, such as Hayden Christensen, were happily turned into some of the high points of the film. And Yoda. That's all I'm going to say. And Yoda.

Coming back to my room on Friday Night was terribly depressing. Both of my roommates had moved out while I was at work. It was so bizaare, the entire room emptied of people and their possesions, leaving me alone in the corner with my bed and desk. It was like there was an evacuation and I missed it. Kathryn had left one beer in the fridge, a Honey Brown, so I said what the hell and drank it, even though I wasn't in a drinking mood. I read for a while, but since there were no more lamps, I had to use the glaring overhead mental-institute style lights. I wasn't staying there another night, so Saturday after work we moved everything out.

By the way, a message to Amanda: You left a drawer full of clothes--some sweaters and T-shirts--so I took them home to keep them safe. I just wanted you to know. Also, someone left a copy of the Usual Suspects. I suspected it would get thrown out, so I took it home. If it belongs to anyone you know, please tell me.

Sunday was full of shopping for Japan (getting new luggage and film and the like) and getting the scoop on New York as best as conversation will allow. Sounds like it was fun. I doubt I'll have any stories from Japan nearly as enthralling. Leaving next Saturday, regardless...I'm still really looking forward to it ^_^

Well, that's a fairly inadequate review of what I've been doing the last few days. I'd like to think you might have been worried and or a bit curious, so...whoever you are that is/was worried and a bit curious, there you have it.

Now, breakfast.

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