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Sleepy sleepy...

I fell asleep at around 10 last night, and only woke up once, at around 11, to change into cooler pajamas. Otherwise, I slept straight through til 10:30 this morning. I guess the lack of sleep catches up with me now and then. Still, I had some damn good reasons to be tired. ^_~

It's weird, I keep having these dreams that someone has bombed my cell phone, and our male dorm counterparts in the triple upstairs, Doug, Tim and Peter, are always coming and exploding them safely, like the bomb squad or whatever. I understand the phone blowing up thing...the alarm usually goes off not long afterward. It's the fact that the guys who live upstairs do it that makes me curious...I have no idea what significance they serve. And when they do it, Tim always bites my hand so that I'm not nervous or something. It's really strange.

Enough from me, though. I have to study for the Japanese written exam at 2:00 today, and then get as much work done on the 8-10 page religion paper, which I haven't really started yet, as possible.

But, as with all things in actuality, here goes nothing.

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