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Tonight, I feel connected. Like I can touch my thoughts.

I realized a few little things about myself that really aren't worth mentioning, but made me happy.

One thought has been with me today, especially after reading this from nixsy's journal, someone I was wisely told to add to my friends list. Which is discover meaning by means of conventional search and answer or to puzzle and piece things one holds and find a new meaning?

Metaphor time: You can look a word up in the dictionary, or you can figure out its meaning through context and what you know of word structure. Your conclusion may not be 100% accurate, but for you, perhaps that meaning is a better one for you.

I'm not saying you shouldn't research things, and learn new ideas from extrenal sources...but allowing your brain to make connections on it's own can be more rewarding at times, it would seem. I've actually told people the definition of words, and they have forgone them in order to create their own path and answer. And language, as the basis for ideas, is only the begining.

I don't really know where this train of thought is headed, but I think riding it a while will do me some good...

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