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I got a bunch of photos back from the developer today! They include some of the following:

A great shot of Charlotte and Brandon at Rosie's. Adorable.

My roomie Amanda and I trying to look sexy wearing the new dresses we bought least she succeeded.

Cute picture of Tami and Matt at Rosie's as well. They'll have to get a copy.

Some lovely pictures of Brandon after his concert. S-E-X-Y.

Amanda covered in Kathryn's shoes...Zach and I piled them on her and her bed when Kathryn was out of town once, heh.

Amy and Kathryn hugging before Amy moved out. OLD SKOOL.

Tara Barnum visiting me, chilling with Ellen and Amanda. Very nice.

SPOON OF JUSTICE...uh...well...I guess you had to be there...

The molds of my fork, knife and spoon for art class. I wanted to make sure SOMETHING of that project survived.

Some other really fun ones, but those are a few of highlights. I love getting pictures back, makes me happy, and I always want to share them with everyone. This is close enough for now ^_^

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