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Not dead yet...

Well, I'm not dead. Nor, hopefully, will I be.

When I called my mom, I was crying the pain was so awful. However, it hadn't worsened since, so she took me home to look at me before bringing me to the ER or anything. Having a mom who is a nurse is a lot more helpful than a mom who's a priest most of the time, and she's still fully licensed.

We still don't know what it was. She checked for appendicitis, but decided it wasn't that. Next thought was food poisoning, but I haven't had any other symptoms associated with that (diarrhea, vomiting, etc.). I wasn't feverish or anything like that was just a pain in my abdomen. It could still possibly be an ovarian cyst. So, she decided to just lay me down on the sofa and try to sleep some more. If I woke up and it was still bad, she'd take me to the doctor. If not, I wanted to go take my test.

I woke up, still in a little pain, but nothing unbearable like when I woke up at five o' clock this morning. I went and took my test. Later, my mom is gonna come check up on me.

I'm not dead yet...but I would like to know what the hell it was that happened...

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