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All I've been doing since I got up today has been think. I went to class, but I didn't necessarily pay that much attention, hehe.

Today, walking back from my religion discussion section (where I actually brought up reality tunnels as a point of discussion--highlight of the class) I got an image in my head. It was odd because the image came first, and then my thoughts went with it. It was a person encircled by a ring.

I started thinking about how people are so enclosed within themselves. I remembered a little talk that went something like this. I thought about how much we understand based purely on ourselves. But if one could expand that ring, if one could stay inside but allow for other thoughts and influences to enter...and that's where intelligence (as a speices, but applicable to individuals) emerges.

Different people stop their rings at different points though. And I thought about, of all people, Gallileo. There was a more advanced view of the world at his time, but they'd decided to say God did it, we're the center, and let the ring just stop. Gallileo believed there was more to understand outside the ring, and found so much more. The ring has got to be expanded.

"But where does one begin?" I asked myself. Another part of me answered, "Understanding begins by admitting you don't yet understand."

Then, I decided to go have lunch.

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