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I've got until January to change her mind...

Officially, my mother becomes ordained into the priesthood of the Episcopal Church January of 2003. She's excited...she's started looking for a position (required to become a preist--no job, no ordination).

Well, on the way to work the other day, my mom, my sister and I were talking about how people become sainted I don't know how the topic came up. One of the requirements is to perform two miracles after your death (unless you're a martyr, then you only have to do one). Kath was confused on how one goes about healing the sick and raising the dead when one is already deceased. So between my mother and I we explained how it works in the Catholic church...pray to a saint, get healed with no explination, and it's a miracle. My mom then mentioned how supposedly Elisha performed a miracle after death when a dead man thrown into a tomb touched his bones and the man came back to life. Kath then asked if that was Elijah or Elisha.

"Well, Elijah was taken up by God. He, along with Enoch, are the two men who never died," says my mom.

"So mom," I say, "ever heard of a book called Uriel's Machine?" I've got her interested, because her eye brows raise up.

"No...what's it about?"

"It's about the instructions Enoch was given by Uriel on what to build...and it looks remarkably like Stonehenge," I tell her.

"Really...well...I'll have to see this book!" she exclaims.

It probably won't work, and in January, she'll be a priest. But it's nice to think I gave it my best shot on her own terms.

Side note: Brandon just gave me this CD tonight...other than the name, I must say, pretty damn impressive. I love a good new toy, heh.

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