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Bloody 'ell!

So, on Saturdays I get off work at seven, an hour and a half earlier than I used to. At just about 6:58, I'm putting a tape together for some girl, the Escaflowne movie, and I need to cut the cover to fit it in the VHS case. I'm cutting away, and thinking "Once I get this done, I can go!" I was so excited over this premise, I failed to notice immediately that I was no longer using the razor on the paper, but on my own finger. I sliced the left index finger from the top along the side of the nail. It's about a centimeter, if that.

I never thought a wound so small could produce so much blood. It was literally dripping on the floor if I didn't have a paper towel to it for half a second. Soaked clear through two bandaids and innumerable tissues and paper towels. Finally left work and headed out for some pizza. Rebandaged it after about half an hour, and while it was still bleeding, it had slowed enough to get it properly taken care of.

Thankfully, since it happened at work, I got my Pocky at an added discount to make me feel better, hehe.

This post took about 5 minutes longer than it normally would because it's hard to type with so many bandaids on.

A very strange evening indeed.

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