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Photographic memories...

I'll never forget 1999, but I can't say that I vividly remember it either. It was possibly one of the most important years of my life, and I think it helped set me toward the course I'm on now. A lot happened, and a lot of it just faded into the nether regions of my mind.

Tonight, I had the need to make sure I did keep a piece of it somewhere. I don't have many photos or scrap books or anything like that...but I saved plenty of it on one 3 1/2'' floppy. I just...wanted to have those memories...kept. To know there was something perserved.

It's not lost. It gave me a few smiles, and maybe a tear or two. But now that I've looked at it for a bit, and know it's still there, and the best thing to do is set it down again for a while. I'm much more content to continue where I am....

3:14 return...

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